INTERVIEW: Wage War; New Album + Progressing As A Band

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And here we go! Another interview we did from Carolina Rebellion! This week we have Fearless Records artist Wage War. They played in the afternoon on the first day of the festival to a packed out crowd at one of the side stages. For a band still pushing their name and getting bigger, it was a treat to see that many people out for them, especially at a more radio rock friendly festival vs a warped tour setting. View the video below as well as our summary for you lazy bums.

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Their debut record An Appeal to Heaven is due out later this year.
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Playing New Songs + Tour

We start off talking about the set they played earlier and what it was like to finally play new songs. They were extremely happy that they could finally do so after playing the same songs for over a year. They told us it feels half speed playing the new songs.

They are also on tour with Every time I Die and ’68 which we talk about some too. We touch on the differences in going from clubs every night into a festival back into a club the next day. Watch the interview for more details on the challenges this format.

Deadweight Out August 4th

Their new record comes out later this year, and how they have progressed is insane! They go into on the differences between writing the first one, ‘Blueprints’, and this new one. The content and work into the new record is night and day after seeing and living on the road for two years. Watch to hear who produced it and what it was like working with them as well as how touring the world has impacted them which in turn made its way onto the album.

Summer Plans + The Taylor Swift Question

They couldn’t tell us a lot about this year because of not being able to mention it yet. Once again, watch for the answer and ‘why is guac extra?’!


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