Wage War Brings Heavy Back

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It was 2015 when the breakout metalcore band Wage War dropped their first album, Blueprints. From the moment the album was released, everyone knew that Wage War was a force to be reckoned with. Now, two years later, they have released their second studio album, Deadweight, and fans of the genre are in love.

With the way things have been going in metalcore, it isn’t a stretch to say that it’s a bit bland now. And most people agree that things are just not as original, hyped, or interesting as they used to be. Things have gotten progressively softer and smoother. Bring Me The Horizon and even Ronnie Radke’s Falling in Reverse had little to no screams on the newest albums. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s just too different. Fans love the rush of a breakdown and want something to get loose to. Deadweight is the album we’ve all been waiting for.

The first single from the album was Stitch. With that one song, people had immense hope for the album. The song is heavy and gets a point across. It’s definitely not soft, yet it has all of the emotion and feeling that the softer songs have. It features two breakdowns and no clean vocals. The perfect way to start an album that brings heaviness back into metalcore.

From there, things only got better. They released two more singles and played warped tour before they finally released the album. The hype around the album had become intense. Everyone was waiting for this album. And they were not at all disappointed. The album is a perfect mix of heavy and clean and gets all of their messages across. It was no surprise that fans loved it. However, what people didn’t expect is the fact that they had become chart-toppers on their second album, holding the number one spot on the Current Hard Rock Albums billboard, as well as number fifty-four on the Billboard 200.

As for the future, they have definitely set themselves up. The bar is raised for other metalcore bands, and Wage War will continue to exceed expectations. High hopes for the new dominators of metalcore.

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