Volumes Drummer Breaks collarbone and other things you may have missed at Carolina Rebellion 2017

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Well, ladies and gentleman, we survived another year at Carolina Rebellion. 3 days of music, some mayhem and the best smelling food I’ve ever smelt. I don’t know about you guys but Monday morning when I was sitting at my desk at my office, my feet were still hurting and my ears were still ringing, but it was all worth it. There’s nothing better than a music festival. With a festival this size it’s impossible to see everything and everyone you wanna see, because of stage placements and overlapping set times etc. That being said, here are 5 things you may have missed at Carolina Rebellion 2017.

1: Record breaking attendance

Though the official numbers are in yet, I do know this was the largest crowd ever at Carolina Rebellion. One source says that the festival will be well over 100,000 concert goers for 2017. That’s INSANE. When the official numbers from AEG Live and DWP are released we’ll update you. But either way, 100,000 people is an insane amount of people so bravo rebels. Let’s make it 150,000 next year!

2: Volumes Drummer Nick Ursich breaks his Collarbone crowd Surfing

Volumes rocked out on the Black Stage at 3:45 on Friday, then stuck around to not only do a little press (Which we’ll be releasing an interview with them soon) but also catch some sets from their favorite artists. Well, unfortunately, things didn’t go so hot for Volumes Dummer Nick Ursich who broke his collarbone crowd surfing during Friday night’s headliner Soundgarden. Nick released the following on Instagram. Get well soon Nick, can’t wait to get you back behind the kit!

3: Falling in Reverse leave signing early and piss off a lot of people.

These guys are no strangers to making people mad, but the last people you want to make mad are your fans. Several fans have shared with us that the band was set to do a signing at the FYE tent and with 15-20 mins remaining they decide to leave. Fans who were in the crowd for Papa Roach may remember Falling in Reverse getting a shout out from the stage from Papa Rouch frontman Jacoby Shaddix. This shout-out took place during the time the band was still supposed to be in the signing. This made several fans upset because for fans who purchased the new album Coming Home at the FYE tent got an armband for the signing. Many fans waited and hour + to get their album signed and did not get the signatures. To say some were PISSED is an understatement.

4: Korn Performs CLOWN for the first time acoustic

Thanks to the man himself Jose Mangin of Sirus XM’s Liquid Metal and Octane for this video. But as many of know serval bands visited the Zippo Tent for “Zippo Sessions” giving fans intimate acoustic performances. Well, Korn rocked out on Saturday afternoon before their performance on the main stage and performed CLOWN for the first time acoustic. Check out the video below, provided by Jose Mangin VIA Instagram.

5: Falling in Reverse performs with new drummer and Ronnie has a moment

Back in April, former Falling in Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman announced on Instagram he would be taking on drumming duties for Icon for Hire while they were on tour with Assuming We Survive. Since then it’s left fans wondering “Who would be performing with the band now?” Well, thanks to our good friends over at Music Mayhem Magazine we now know! Come to find out, the drummer is PVRIS studio drummer Chris Kamrada. There is no word if Kamrada is the band’s official new drummer of if he’s just a fill-in. Check out this fan-filmed video below of them performing, “The Drug In Me Is You” at Carolina Rebellion 2017.

Speaking of Falling In Reverse, it’s no secret Ronnie Radke has a little bit of an attitude problem, however, this time it may have been justified. Watch below as he not only smashes his guitar but also fusses at the sound guy for bad sound. After speaking with serval people in the crowd at the time, everyone agrees the sound was indeed off. Check it out below and you decide.

So there you go, folks! We had a BLAST at Carolina Rebellion and looking forward to next year. Keep an eye open over the next few weeks as we release photo galleries and interviews from our weekend. (Click Here to watch our first interview from the weekend with Of Mice & Men)

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