Trenton’s Top 10 Albums of 2016

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IT IS THAT TIME!!! Christmas presents, songs, another GREAT Star Wars movie, and cold weather for a change at least for here. Another tradition in the music community are the coveted Top 10 records of that year. Hell, some even do 100 (like our friend Brad from We will just stick to the exclusive and basic 10 plus 3 that jusssst fell a bit short so here we gooo!!!
Honorable Mentions
#13. Transit Blues by The Devil Wears Prada
#12. Bad Vibrations by A Day To Remember
#11. Aggressive by Beartooth

TOP 10
#10. Headspace by Issues

#9. Polar Similar by Norma Jean

#8. Treehouse by I See Stars

#7. 131 by Emarosa

#6. Deathgrip by Fit For A King

#5. Bad Omens by Bad Omens

#4. Haven’t Been Myself by Too Close To Touch

#3. Everything Was Sound by Silent Planet

#2. All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us by Architects

#1. An Introduction: The Essence Of All That Surrounds Me by Capsize

 I will offer the reason why on this one. Long before this record came out I had Architects as it hands down. Nothing else was gonna take it away. I heard Capsize was putting out a record but I was assuming it was going to be Angst pt 2. Then this was released. My ears, emotions, and everything in between was in awe. From the first song “Sew My Eyes” it hits you, and doesn’t stop. Mid 00s nostalgia, From First To Last/The Used cleans meshed with DTGL era Underoath heavy parts musically, turns this into a satisfaction of our thirst for a fresh drink in the music scene. No it’s not researched and poised as silent planet, it’s not a genre bending achievement like issues, nor is it a politically charged musical onslaught of pleasure like achitects. Sometimes the best records are those that simply connect with the listener regardless of technical aspects.
There ya go! Leave us a comment or note on who YOU think had the best records this year!
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