Track Review ERRA Luminesce and Drift

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Artist: Erra
Songs: Luminesce and Drift off the upcoming album “Drift”
Release Date: April 8th 2016
By: Jason Gillis

After the departure of vocalist Ian Eubanks, Erra brought in JT Cavey and went right to work recording a new album, which will be released April 8th. Two singles have been released already, “Luminesece” and title track “Drift”.

“Luminesce” starts off with a single guitar riff, then clean vocals, all before the heavier guitars and screams kick in. It has a fast paced, heavy feel through the bulk of the song, finishing strong. “Drift” starts off slow and heavy, picking up tempo for a short few seconds, but overall staying with a nice and hard rhythmic tone. The title track song has a soft, slow transition that goes back into the heavy rhythm as it fades out.

The change in their heavy vocalist can be noticed if you’re a fan of their older music as well, and there is a bit more clean vocals in these two songs than a lot of their previous works. Personally I think it works nicely. These songs have the usual feel of what Erra has always been, while slightly shifting some vocal tones to really suit a newer feel that doesn’t change who they are, but only adds to it. Go pre-order this album, or get it when it comes out, it’s gonna be awesome!

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