INTERVIEW/ALBUM REVIEW: To Speak Of Wolves- ‘Dead In The Shadow’

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Ever since To Speak Of Wolves made their return announcement last year we have been super hype on this band again. It has been about 5 years since a full length has been released by the band and we got a teaser last year with an EP called ‘New Bones‘. However, this new record is next level compared to that EP and anything the band has done in their entire career.

Watch the interview with, Gage Speas-frontman and Phil Chamberlain- drummer, below and then read our review below also of To Speak Of Wolves new record coming out July 21st ‘Dead In The Shadow’.

Dead In The Shadow Album Review

The album opener and single ‘Haunt Me’ opens with a blistering punch with a eerie, unsettling ambience while Speas’ screams and the guitars power through before getting into some melodic singing. The opener continues to hit and set the stage for the rest of the record. The track listing for it is fitting as it won’t be that forgettable.

The second track ‘I Had To Let Go’ opens up as if The Chariot was raised from the dead. This track is chaotic and punishing, more so than the opener. If you need a new song to just punch your walls to this is song is it. The next song ‘Enemies To Everyone’, another single, opens in the same chaotic way but with some Manson-esque electronics going on behind it, which comes back throughout the song. The rest of the record carries this theme until the eighth track ‘Braided Bay’. This song is a unique treat because To Speak Of Wolves trade the riffs and screams for a ton of singing and softness. Think Underoath’s ‘Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear’ with The Used-esque singing that builds into a alternative rock song. While the next tracks carry on the hard hitting, the closer is almost an outlaw country song set to a minor tone.

All around the album shapes up to be something truly special and refreshing for the scene. The band is back on Solid State Records and seem poised to join the ranks of Fit For A King and Silent Planet as the flagship bands on the label.


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