This Rapper Just Made A Song Sampling Thy Art Is Murder!!!

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Underground rapper, Fat Cxbain, just did something that blew our minds. He sampled the song ‘Holy War’ by Thy Art Is Murder to make an insane horrorcore rap song. The style follows that of the darker side of hip-hop that is becoming more and more popular with notable names being $uicideBoy$ and Pouya. Many people would turn their heads and not think something like this works, but it does. I think it could be only the beginning of lines of the two genres becoming blurred then into one.

The song ‘Holy War’ comes from Thy Art Is Murder’s latest record with the same name which was released in 2015. The main melody in the rap song comes from the intro riff into the verse of the ‘Holy War’ song. With this, a trap beat plays over it with some drum samples kicking in in which then the vocals come in. You wouldn’t think this would work but it really does, and I can explain why.

The trap genres and heavy music are structurally the same, despite instruments. When there is a build into a beat dropping in rap, it is the same as a breakdown in heavy music. The patterns and rhythms of the music in both genres are seamlessly the same, so take a riff and throw some drops on it, you have yourself a viable piece. Collaborating with these genres isn’t new either, we saw Sleeping With Sirens do a song with Machine Gun Kelly, and recently Volumes drop a song with previously mentioned rapper, Pouya.

The main collective of guys in which Fat Cxbain is with is called the GraveyardBoyz, based out of North/South Carolina. What do you think? Should there be more a blur between two genres? Do you want to see more rap and metal collabs such as Volumes and Pouya? Let us know! Check below for the song and links to the social media accounts!

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