The Word Alive gives an update on singer Telle Smith

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The Word Alive Gives and Update on Singer Telle Smith The Word Alive Took to Facebook to update their fans on the condition of singer Telle Smith, who was injured recently while stage driving at a show on the Apollo X Tour. The band had the follow to say.
    “Hey guys, first of all I just want to say thank you to every person who has reached out via social media to wish me a fast recovery. November 14th I stage dove at Fox Theatre in Pomona CA into a nearly sold out amazing crowd. However, I landed wrong on an elbow and broke my L2 and L3 vertebrae, sustained hairline fractured to two ribs and had a bruised lung. Ouch! BUT it could have been much worse so I’m very thankful it wasn’t and that none of you were injured!
Fast forward to a month later and I’m already ahead of schedule. I will be back full force in 2016 and will continue to try to get better in every aspect. I love you guys, see you soon I hope!”

Glad to see he’s getting better looking forward to seeing him on the road in 2016. Check out our recent interview with Telle CLICK HERE

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