The Juliana Theory decides to ‘be a band again’ amidst 20 year reunion

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In April of this year, we heard talks of a reunion from veteran emo band The Juliana Theory, being that it had been 20 years since their inception. On June 30th, the band released a statement on their facebook page which you can read below:

please read. we love you.

Posted by Juliana Theory on Friday, June 30, 2017

Their music is exactly what I imagine when I think of the early 2000’s and the basement scene that was forming during that time. Great news is that the band is deciding to rejoin and write new music, but whether that will sound like anything off their major album “Emotion is Dead” is still to be heard. They’ve decided to postpone any summer tours so they can work on new music, before they venture out on Warped at Sea for the first ever Warped Tour Cruise. It’s been roughly 11 years since the breakup, in which they cited that it was primarily due to issues with their record labels Tooth & Nail, and Epic Records. Now with a sudden revival to the emo and post-hardcore genres of the late 90’s and early 2000’s, The Juliana Theory seem to be hopping on the hype.

That begs the question of whether they’ll release it independently or decide to bring in a label to help, seeing as labels were the reason for the initial breakup. With the notoriety they have now it might make more sense to just go the independent route and not have to deal with any of the issues that potentially come with being on a label. No date is set for when we’ll be hearing new material, but we’re just as excited as you guys are to see how these guys have matured since their inception only 20 years ago. You can find them on all social media sites, and their music on all major platforms as well.


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