The Guac King Speaks!-Seth Blake (Wage War)

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Seth Blake of Wage War holding protest sign outside Chipotle

So over the weekend and this week Wage War guitarist, Seth Blake, became enshrined in the world of memes. During the Inauguration protests of Donald Trump being sworn in as 45th President of The United States, Blake decided to take up a cause that matters most. Why is Guac at Chipotle extra? Here is what we told us when we asked him about his newfound fame!

SEPR: What was the scene like during this photo? Peaceful? Intense?

SB: Very loud protesting in NYC that day. I actually picked up the sign off the ground and used the blank side to make my sign from a marker I borrowed from the cashier at chipotle

What inspired you to get this shot? After posting, did you ever think you’d become a meme?

I was inspired to make this shot because I wanted to provide a little comic relief for friends on social media who had been seeing nothing but a divided country all day.

Whats been your reaction to the publicity and has anyone recognized you for the photo?

I’ll admit.. I thought it was pretty funny and had potential to become a meme but never could have foreseen what was truly about to happen. I am obviously very surprised to see how explosive the post became. And yes I went back to the same chipotle a couple nights later and the employees there recognized me and laughed about the meme.

What is your first order if duty as the guac hero?

First order of duty as the guac hero: Make Guac Free Again
(Not that it ever was)

Some may not know who have seen this, you play in a band called Wage War. Your label has put out a video of releases coming this year and your band is one. Where are you guys at in releasing the new record and what tour plans are happening now?

Yes, I play in a band called Wage War signed to Fearless Records. We are putting out our sophomore album in spring 2017. Looking forward to a busy touring schedule this year! Stay tuned!

Until we get new tunes, check out the stream below of their debut record, “Blueprints”






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