The Ghost Inside involved in bus accident leaving 2 dead. (UPDATED)

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The Ghost Inside involved in Bus crashUPDATE: 7:10pm: The Band Has released the following statement.
Thanks to everyone who reached out with concern today. The Ghost Inside was involved in a serious bus accident outside El Paso, TX this morning. All 5 band members + all members of the crew are alive and currently being treated for their injuries. Please keep them in your thoughts as well as their bus driver and those in the other vehicle who did not make it. Unfortunately, all US shows on the Locals Only Tour are cancelled. Refunds available at point of purchase. We will update you more when we can.​

 UPDATE: 3:40pm
We have been able to speak with a witness of the event, who have provided us with more information. The witness stated that him and his co-partner came across the “Tragic scene shortly after it happened.” He stated that this was “The Worst Accident scene he had ever come across.”
When asked about the status of the driver and passenger of the semi they had had indeed been killed he stated; “ I believe that to be true.. There were two bodies outside the bus and were in the semi tractor rubble both deceased.
When asked about the status of the band he stated:
“There were 3 band members pulled out of the wreckage 2 that I know of had lower extremity injuries such as broken legs and maybe even spinal injuries, one was up and walking around but all were disoriented.”
Our witness provided the following photos from the scene:


As originially posted by the band The Ghost Inside may have been involved in a buss accident. Though there is no confirmed information at this time, there was an acciedent on HWY 180 about 24 miles East of El Paso go toward the Guadalupe Mtns. Source that provided the image (Mr. Lvie) stated that the bus collidedd with a Semi-truck, killiing the two in the Semi. According to the original report the band seems to be ok. Again there has been nothing posted from The Ghost Inside’s camp at this time and we will keep you updated as more information becomes avaliable.


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