The Colossal Dream release heavily diverse new single

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Usually heavier genres are easier to predict in terms of structure and what it will sound like. With The Colossal Dream’s new single Transmission(The Cure) I was delighted to hear a fairly diverse range of influences. It starts off with a tasteful bass solo that quickly changes into a heavier metalcore/hardcore influenced section. The musicianship is another thing I noticed on the single, never staying in one section and becoming redundant.

Around the one minute mark, we’re given a slower and softer instrumental section with an emotional release done vocally by Travis Worland that transcends to cleans provided by Steven Fernandes. All of the production on this is really well done, having been done by Nick Loiacono of Fang Studios, who has worked with other CA-based bands like Sea in the Sky, and Demon in Me. There isn’t really anything I could say that’s negative about the song, it stays busy when it needs to be. All of the instruments get their moment to shine, as do vocals.

By the 3 minute mark, we’re hit with another dose of heavier influences, particularly in the vocals which are delivered in syncopation with the instruments. This section is definitely the heaviest moment we’ve seen throughout the song, which is nice because it leaves us waiting until the end. The song ends with the same clean guitar tone we heard during the softer instrumental section with the more emotional deliverance. I had heard some other songs by TCD but none of them had gotten stuck in my head like this one did. Great job on the single, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else this band has in store.

The Colossal Dream’s Socials


If you’re in the Sacramento area you can check them out tomorrow, November 25th, at the Holy Diver! Flyer down below

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