The Acacia Strain release Gravebloom while on Warped Tour

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Artist: The Acacia Strain
Album: Gravebloom
Release Date: 6.30.2017

Following a brief 3-year silence of not releasing much content, The Acacia Strain are back at it with a brand new album titled “Gravebloom” to keep things interesting this summer. Prior to this they announced they’ll be joining the Warped Tour lineup all summer long, releasing 2 singles to hype people up as well. The first one, to be released was titled Bitter Pill, and it is definitely hard to swallow. It starts off hitting hard right away and doesn’t let down, with enough chugs to make even a frat boy want to listen. In traditional djent and beatdown fashion, the whole album is filled to the brim with intense breakdowns and plenty of reason to make an angry face.

With that being said, another song I really enjoyed was Abyssal Depths for the eery guitar intro. This really adds a different sound that the album needs, because as a lot of heavy bands have the tendency to do, a lot of the songs seem to consist of chugs and breakdowns primarily. Nothing against them for doing what they do best, but personally I like music to transform and go into unexpected territories. The final song, and the longest on the eleven song album, Cold Gloom brings a solid ending to the album. Drums keep a steady rhythm while the guitars accent cymbal hits, then enters the vocals which are a highlight on this album for me. The only thing I would’ve liked to see is different screaming techniques used maybe; that could give the album some variety that it needs.

While I love the raw heaviness of the album, I also think they could’ve changed up the sound a little more. The tracks I pointed out are some of the notable ones for me because they strayed away from that typical heavy sound we always hear these days. Some metal purists may disagree with me, but I think changing your sound is what makes you last in an industry that can get so stagnant at times. That doesn’t mean they have to embrace the mainstream or do anything drastic, but incorporating more diversity can keep the listener attentive and wanting more. Nonetheless, it seems like they’re having fun with it, and I’ll definitely check them out at my date of Warped Tour to see how this translates in a live setting.

Rating: 6/10

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