Straight Out The Pit #54: Miss May I

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Levi Benton, Frontman For Miss May I

This episode of Straight Out The Pit we had the powerful frontman Levi Benton of Sharptone Records band Miss May I on. We discussed their brand new record ‘Shadows Inside’ which dropped earlier this month. One of the unique topics we don’t get into a ton is playing new songs live when fans don’t know them. It can be daunting to play a few numbers that you know people don’t know the words to or if they’ll even like them. He mentioned he does get nervous but then again these songs have gone over well!

We also discussed why the two singles were the two singles and the very nature of going back to the classic metalcore style which Miss May I did quite a bit on ‘Shadows Inside’. From the riffs to the breakdowns it was a bit different than what we hear now. Another interesting topic were the lyrics. They come from a place of hopefulness and positivity, which I mentioned they had a sense of freedom on the record.

Going between labels can be tough so we discussed the transition from Rise Records onto Sharptone and what that was like as well as back in the day being in high school and signed to Rise Records. It was interesting to hear the take on that nonetheless.

We also touch on something interesting which is Miss May I is friendly with NASCAR driver Darrell (Bubba) Wallace Jr. Levi mentions how Ryan Neff (bassist) is a huge NASCAR fan and Wallace has been into their band for awhile. They linked up on Warped Tour a couple years back and they have been buds ever since. Following Wallace on Twitter you will see some photos of him and the band as well as lyrics from other band such as The Devil Wears Prada and Bring Me The Horizon.

We closed it out in the way only we at Soundlink Magazine know how…

…with a fun question! Listen to find out which we asked him!

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