SOTP #52: Adam Warren Of Oceano

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While we were covering Carolina Rebellion early in May, we were also covering Oceano’s headliner in Spartanburg as well! While you may be used to hearing a guy’s voice talking to bands for interviews, it was done by one of our newer correspondents, Charley Gentry. Read below to see some of the highlights from her talk with Adam Warren, the frontman for Oceano.

New Album ‘Revelation’ And Johnny Crowder

While much hasn’t changed for the band between albums, an interesting story arose. Warren said that between the last album and this one, nothing was really changed. They still felt energized and ready to go while creating ‘Revelation’. However, Johnny Crowder, formally of Dark Sermon, had a conversation with Warren awhile ago which spawned some of this new album. Listen to the podcast above to hear which songs and how they tie into the record!

What Is A Successful Album?

With the current state of music and illegal downloading, she asked Adam what he felt a successful album was. Oceano just dropped a new record and so first week sales are important, though his answer about what in his mind is a successful record may shock you. Let’s just say a hint is that as long as you’re at a show and you know the music, that may be okay. Listen to hear about the conversation going deeper into streaming and if he likes Spotify or not!

Touring As A Dad

Many bands we talk to with members of all ages are indeed dads with little ones at home. Each one has a different answer as to how they handle it or the levels of difficulty. He mentions technology and the face chatting apps help a lot, while time management is also a key factor in staying in touch.

Teasers To Make YOU Listen!

What are some of Adam Warren’s warm up and health patterns to help him perform well? Also, how great is he at packing for tour? Which planet would he be from if he were an alien (this answer takes on an M. Night twist)? Find out all those above as well as these other things discussed!

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