Sleeping With Sirens Become ‘Legends’ On Sept 22nd With ‘GOSSIP’

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That’s right! The powerhouse band that is Sleeping With Sirens have released a new song and announced a new record! The song ‘Legends’ was released early this morning and they announced their new record ‘GOSSIP’ slated to come out September 22nd. The anticipation for fans has been great as frontman Kellin Quinn has been very active on Twitter talking about it’s progress.

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This album will be their follow up to their 2015 offering ‘Madness’ which was release on Epitaph Records after their sting with Rise Records. It hasn’t been mentioned if this record is on Epitaph as well or if it is a self release. The band spoke with Alternative Press awhile ago about the new record in which they told them:

“I think [it’s about] being lost and then finding hope,” Quinn says. “It’s a dark record. It sounds dark, but there’s a hopefulness in everything. That’s always something I’ve tried to do as a vocalist. When I write about a sad topic, I always want there to be a light at the end of the tunnel.”

“I think we’re a completely different band as opposed to the last time you saw us,” Fowler revealed. “If you see us on this record [cycle], you’re gonna have the best night of your life and the best show [from]our band. It’s gonna make you dance, it’s gonna make you cry.”

The new song ‘Legends’ is a major departure from the sound Sleeping With Sirens has become known for. Trading punk-esque riffs for more bass/electronic lines you would hear in the new wave of rock/pop, not to say it’s a bad song, it’s just not the Sleeping With Sirens we have heard of late. You can listen to the song below as well as pre order the album HERE on their website!

Sleeping With Sirens- ‘Legends’


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