Skillet rocks in Baltimore with Sick Puppies

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Over the years, I’ve been a fan of Skillet and although I’ve seen them a handful of times at Festivals, I’ve never had the chance to see them perform a headlining set. Fresh off their new album “Unleashed”, released in August, Skillet brought a powerhouse line-up in Sick Puppies and Devour The Day, complete with a production back line that any band would die for.
Devour The Day took the stage first, ripping into the title track of their latest album, “S.O.A.R.”, and got the crowed super rev’d up for the rest of the night. Definitely get there early and see them, and check out their new album “S.O.A.R.”.

Sick Puppies took the stage second, fresh off their new album “Fury” with new vocalist/guitarist Bryan Scott. I’ve been a fan of Sick Puppies from the start, so living up to the expectation’s I had, would be a challenge. Bryan, however, stepped up to the plate and delivered a flawless set. He’s a perfect fit for Sick Puppies. I was very happy to see the majority of set was from “Tri-Polar” and “Dressed up as Life”, and to see one of their heavier songs from “Fury”, Black & Blue. “Fury” has a slightly heavier sound to it than the past, and they interpret that into the set well.
Skillet took the stage around 9:20, and put on one of the most beautiful sets I’ve see in a long time. Let’s be real – a lot of bands have talent, some don’t take full advantage of it. Skillet, however, does. I’ll jump straight to my favorite part of their set, and hands down, it’s (drummer) Jen Ledger coming off of her drum kit to walk the stage and perform as a vocalist. Her renditions of “Awake and Alive” and “Hero” were absolutely beautiful and showcase her multiple talents. It’s not every day a band pinch hits for their drummer to let them be upfront, and it was a treat to see this live. Jen is a jack of all trades, and I’m glad Skillet takes advantage of this. You also can’t ignore Korey Cooper, guitarist and wife of lead vocalist John Cooper, because while she’s a small package, you can’t take your eyes of her when she’s at her best. As a fan in the crowd, I appreciate the show she puts on, and as photographer, I appreciate her stage presence and the beautiful images one can produce of her at the right time. I absolutely can not wait for Skillet to come around again, and if they come to a town near you, I can easily say my favorite tour of the fall will never disappoint.

Skillet Setlist:

Feel Invincible
Whispers in the Dark
Sick of It
Back From the Dead
Awake & Alive
Not Gonna Die
Those Nights
The Last Night
Out of Hell
The Resistance

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