Skillet get “Sick of it” in Greenville SC

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Skillet LIVE in Greenville SC Winter Jam 2015Skillet (Winter Jam 2015)
Greenville SC
By: Joshua Lowe

      I’ve had the privilege of seeing Skillet upwards of 10 times in the last few years. From small clubs when they were openning for Flyleaf, to sold out shows playing with secular rockers like Godsmack. You would think that after seeing the same band so many times one would get “Sick of it” and say, “Nah I’ll pass this time.” That’s not the case with Skillet. This is one band that if they’re in driving distance to my hometown I’m going to go see them.
For those of you who may not know of Skillet, they’re a Christian Rock band from Nashville Tenn., that has had much success in both the Christian music scene and secular scenes as well. Skillet is made up of John Cooper: Bass and Vocals, Korey Cooper (John’s Wife) on Guitar, Seth Morrison: Guitar and Jenn Ledger: Drums. One thing Skillet is known for is their stage presents, and boy did they bring it Friday night in Greenville SC. The only time Korey was still was when she had to play Key’s on a song, other than that she was jumping around the stage, pouring her heart into the crowd. If Korey’s stage present’s doesn’t catch your eye, then drummer Jen Ledger and her spinning drum-set will. Though Skillet was the headliner for the night, they play a short 9 song set list including songs from album’s “Awake”, “Comatose” and their latest release “Rise”. The thing that caught my eye tonight, besides the pyro, and the bands stage presents is the intro they were using for their single, “Sick of it” Sick of it is a song based on things we’re sick of, like Bullying, Hate, etc, and Skillet has now filmed random musicians from Amy Lee (Singer) from the band Evanescence to Corey Taylor front-man for the band Slipknot/Stone Sour,stating the things they were sick of. Now after watching a fan filmed video and seeing comments like “Why is Corey Taylor on their Video, OMG”, because he’s a “Non-Believer”, it makes you realize that yes we as Christian may believe different than other people, however we still want to make the world a better place that than it currently is and then made me think that the way to do that is to love the way Jesus loved. Jesus didn’t shun the non believers, Jesus embraced them, and loved on them. So that being said, from Josh here at Southeast Pit Report, I’m sick of self righteous Christians who don’t love the way Jesus loved, because someone is “Different” than them. If you want to make the world a better place, if you want to win people to Jesus, learn to love people in their indifference.

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