Rock on The Range pulls out all the stops for 2016, Southeast Pit Report’s MUST SEE bands

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Rock on The Range 2016      Back in November the powers at be at the “World’s Loudest Month” ROCKED the music world when they announced the dates for this years festivals. Making several stops this year 3 days. Well, almost a month later, they did it again when they released the line up for Rock on the Range which takes place in Columbus OH, May 20th-22nd. I’m not going to lie, this is one of the most INSANE line ups I’ve ever seen for a festival. This line up is stacked! It litteraly has somethinig for everyone. Whether you’re a old school rocker, a punk rock fan or whatever, there’s a band or 2 on this show that’s for you. Don’t worry if you don’t live near Columbus or can’t make the trip the rest of the show’s for the Worlds Loudest Month have yet to release their line-up, so there’s a very good chance several of these bands will be on the bill. So let’s jump right in to our MUST SEE bands at Rock on The Range.

1: Steel Panther: If you’ve never heard of Steel Panther you need to get out from under the rock you’ve been living under the last few years. Steel Panther is a good time, full of spandex, vulgor jokes, hair spray and good ole rock-n-roll. Steel Panther is no stranger to the World’s Loudest Month Stage, having rocked several of the festivals in 2013. Steel Panther will have you laughing and rocking all at the sametime during their set and will leave you wanting more. Check out their video for “The Burden of Being Wonderful” below.

2: Avatar: You may or may not have heard of these guys, if not you’ve been missing out. These Swedish Metal-heads have been touring nonstop since the release of their latest album “Hail The Apocalypse”. These guys are very theatrical and will put on one of the best shows you’ve ever seen. Check out the video for their single “Hail the Apocalypse” below.

3: Lacey Sturm: That name may not ring a bell, however the band FLYLEAF might. Lacey stepped away from Flyleaf in 2012 for personal reason’s and fan wondered if they would ever see Lacey perform on stage in band agian. After several years and her involvement with “The Whosoever’s” Lacey released new music release new music in 2013 for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Track “Mercy Tree” and “The Reason” were both featured on the album “My Hope” put out by the association. Lacey has now released new music that gives fans a taste of her former Flyleaf roots. Sturmm released the track “Impossible” on November 1st off her upcoming album “Life Screams” set to release in 2016. Check out the audio for “Impossible” below.

4: Turbowolf: We had a chance to speak with Turbowolf recently when they were on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour with Nothing More and the energy of this band is great. The thing I liked about Turbowolf was the bands uniquie sound. They definately deserved to be be on the Outbreak Tour cause people need to know who this band is. Check out the bands single “Rabbit Foot” below.

5: Miss May I: These’s guys are the definition of road dogs, having spent the Summer on the Vans Warped Tour and now on the road with fellow Rock On The Range band Parkway Drive. Miss May I, kills it when it comes to a live show. Between the guitar shreds, Levi’s beast of a vocal, and not to mention the fact that if Levi decide to leave his Metalcore roots behind he could possibly have a career in prefessional basketball with the hops he’s got. Check out the bands latest single “Turn Back The Time” below.

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