Rick DeJesus talks new music for Adelitas Way

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Southeast Pit Report interview Rick Dejesus of Adelitas Way

Interview: Rick DeJesus (Singer)
Band: Adelitas Way
Date: 3/6/15
By: Trenton Worsham 

SPR: We are here today with Rick DeJesus of Adelita’s Way. For those who don’t know you guys introduce yourself and what you do in the band

 RD: I’m Rick and I sing in Adelitas Way

 SPR: [Laughs] Ok simple enough, lets talk first about your last name, how many jokes do you get about?

RD: Most of the time they will say oh that’s a badass last name, I dig it man it’s cool

 SPR: Alright man sweet, you guys started out in the late 2000’s so how did it all form and everything before releasing your first record and signing with Virgin Records?

 RD: Starting out I didn’t know what I was doing, I just knew I loved doing it. At the beginning this whole thing started with me in an apartment in Las Vegas writing what I was feeling. I wrote a song called ‘Brother’ about my brother and my family and that’s where it all began man. 2004 2005 is when I started singing and writing songs and it became passionate for me, it was pretty natural I played some show thinking people would throw beer bottles at [both laugh]but that didn’t happen.

 SPR: Awesome, so where did the band name come from? Is it a tribute to a family member or a loved one?

 RD: No, Hell no [ Laughs] You gotta read about it, there’s a cool story about me getting arrested in Tijuana, Mexico so go read it and check it out. (Click here to read about that)

 SPR: [ Laughs] Ok awesome, your single ‘Invincible’ became a radio hit for you guys at a young point in your careers and was played on Fox Sports as well as featured on WWE Superstars. How did that happen so early on for you guys when there are older bigger bands who still haven’t had stuff like that happen and y’all did early on creating such an accesible sound from then till now with the current EP and crow fund campaign for the new full length?

RD: There’s something that attached to people, where they feel like it’s a part of them. My life and people inspire everything I write, it’s the world through my eyes. It also requires hard work, When we started out in 2004 2005 we were handing out ten thousand demos in Vegas to everyone walking by. I sold my first truck to record my first demo, it took sacrifice. It wasn’t easy it was years of work building and building waiting till your lucky break which was when we got the manager for the Killers and signed to Virgin Records. They put it out and people connected with the music and they still are connecting with it.

 SPR: When most bands make a new album they don’t want to make the same album twice you know? They want to keep progressing and progressing. You guys have a new EP coming out March 17th and a pledgemusic campaign for a new full length. Even between the new EP and new record, how are you looking to porgress between the EP that’s not even out yet and this new 4th record?

 RD: For me it’s really simple. I write all the time man. When I’m driving or if I’m feeling a certain way I’ll write a melody. For me it’s about music so I’m always trying to improve as a vocalist and as a songwriter. Things come to me and stay with me and that’s what I write, it also depends on who’s inspiring me at the moment and I hope that pokes through our future releases as well. I’m up for a challenge lyrically and vocally and we’re always gonna challenge ourselves as a band.

 SPR: Who is one of the most unexpected influences on you?

 RD: They are all over the place, I get them from motown, the beegess, Eagles, Nirvana. Alot of Zepplin, Jimmy Paige. I love flavors from the 70s 80s 90s. Sometimes we wanna jam and play and say fuck it and we just get in a room and feel each other’s energy. You play off one another and it’s awesome.

 SPR: Its almost festival season with Welcome to Rockville, Rock On The Range, Warped Tour, Carolina Rebellion, Mayhem and others, what are your plans and are you playing any festivals?

 RD: You know we did all those last year, they like to change them up each year. For us we really want to headline. We have a new single called ” I Get Around” that’s climbing up the charts. We have the pledge campaign and we just want to focus on playing longer for our fans and building our band without worrying about any suits. I will say our live show is the best ever, it’s a fucking great night. We’re gonna make it a fun night in any city we play in.

 SPR: Anything else you want to say to the fans?

 RD: Nope just want to thank the fans.

 SPR: Ok, this has been Trenton with Southeast Pit Report with Rick Dejesus of Adelitas Way. They have an EP out March 17th called “Deserve This” and a pledgemusic campaign for their new album. Again thanks Rick!

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