Review: with Bravado release indie radio rock influenced 2nd EP

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Artist: With Bravado
Album: Silent Film
Release Date: August 12, 2017

In August the band known as with Bravado released their 2nd EP to date which they titled “Silent Film”. It appeals to the more mainstream rock demographic instrumentally at times but diverges into other genres at different points on the record. There are many instances where I wish they would’ve kept experimenting, but nonetheless, I enjoyed a majority of the record.

Being that this is their 2nd EP I gave a listen to their first one titled “Amusing Ourselves to Death” and I was pleasantly surprised to hear a very much improved production value. The EP in question, however, starts off with the track We’re All Along Together which starts off with a gritty and groovy bass line. The stark contrast from that riff with the guitar to the verse flows very well, and doesn’t feel as if they clash. One thing that stuck out to me was the incorporation of harmonies, which always featured a leading tone up to a note that went with the other vocals.

I Saw You had a great swing to it that wasn’t present on many of the other tracks, also had the female vocals leading the song. Having these different vocals never makes it feel like I’m listening to the same song over and over. There are some cliché vocals such as “It’ll crush you if you let it” that aren’t very essential and give me that mainstream radio rock sound I mentioned in the first paragraph.

Live is the next song I want to mention because, being a bass player, I love what the bass player does during the intro. Too many times I hear bass just going along with the guitar when there’s room for so many more things. The guitar sounds like something that might be out of a classic rock song, which isn’t necessarily bad. Maybe it’s just the guitar tone used but I sill dig the feeling it’s trying to create.

In Love With Something Real that I think could’ve been cut in half and be made into two songs. The progression from the beginning to the end is still great, but to me, it didn’t justify a 7-minute song. Also before I end this I just wanna say I’m getting some major Brand New vibes from the male vocals, as well as some influences of the band Everclear. Both in the writing style and in songs like All Of Our Friends which is the softest song on the record.

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