Review: Voices – ‘Resurgence’

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The latest EP by Indianapolis metalcore outfit Voices, the first in the span of 3 years, offers an acceptable piece of work that contains great production and performances, albeit nothing new from what we’ve heard previously within the genre.


Resurgence is a fairly straightforward foray into the world of metalcore, one that contains thick growling vocals alternating with a melodic counterpart. While there certainly are some highlights and a play on format, it comes all little too late as it borrows key elements from the past while also failure to evoke any true type of nostalgia.

That isn’t to say the EP is poor as the compositions here are well performed and the track listing flow nicely. Opening track “Demons” serves as an alright single and opening track as it hits with raw energy and attack, even though a track like “Haze” would’ve probably been a more suited introduction to the EP. The tracks holistically veer on poppiness as the band attempt to meld these hooks in true metalcore fashion. The end result can be debatable, but there’s no denying that there’s a certain confidence that carries these tracks forward.


A highlight of the EP is the second track “Worth (Keep Me Blind)” as it opens with a driving introduction followed by an infectious groove that flows into the breakdown almost naturally. It’s harsh but in the best way, delivering the most attack out of any track, and display the band at their best. It demonstrates some of the most solid performances on the record, with special consideration to the guitars and drums.

It’s also worth noting that the production is quite crisp and punchy. The guitar leads are mixed beautifully and the production as whole helps accentuate each instrument when needed to. There is very little wrong with the production and will certainly create a certain accessibility to the record.


Even though Voices deliver an EP that is worthy of the metalcore label, the result is a band leaving very little to differentiate themselves compared to the ocean of other acts attempting the same sound. Anyone a fan of the genre will enjoy this and the execution is mostly its greatest strength, but the band will have to try and push themselves creatively if they want to leave a mark.

RATING: 7/10

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