Review: Sea in the Sky gave us prog masterpiece for their first album

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Another review of another amazing Bay Area band named Sea in the Sky, who are essentially giving new life to the whole progressive genre, incorporating heavy influences of djent. The djent aspect is mostly shown in the instrumentation, as the vocals are anything but typical for that genre. Whether it’s the illustrious bass breaks that keep you wanting more, illustrious guitar licks, sensual vocals, or skillfully thought out drums; this record gets it in all of the right ways. Production on this is really flawless as well, which was done by Nick Loiacono of Fang Studios.

Dreamer starts off the record, great selection for a first track, as it hits heavy right from the start. They capture your attention both with musicianship and with how relatable and catchy the lyrics are straight from the start. Sam’s falsettos are equivalent to what I think Anthony Green achieved on the new Circa album, which is basically bringing a breath of fresh air to the prog genre. Sea in the Sky has been killing it instrumentally since their inception but adding Sam on vocals was a great addition that only enhances the already well-crafted songs.

Not Too Tall, Not Too Cool is a great track and one they happened to release a music video for earlier this month. The call and response section with the vocals is a great aspect of the song, leaving the question of how they are able to pull it off in a live setting with just one vocalist. Either way, the bridge is what solidifies this as a unique song. Their drummer Daniel slays it on the drums as the vocals and guitar synch together rhythmically. Johan is a beast on bass as well, always adding little licks when most bassists would just go with the easy format of staying with the guitar. Truly, their musicianship and tightness as a band are just impressive as the quality of production in the music video.

I couldn’t mention this record without mentioning Neck Romancer. Johan, the bassist, starts off the song with one of the most impressive and funkiest bass riffs I’ve heard in probably the last decade. Sam comes in with the occasional falsetto, while Rodney and Jakob add more textural aspects to the song that keep it moving. Can’t forget their drummer Daniel, who is one of the most impressive drummers in the scene currently. A lot of drummers tend to get stuck in the same patterns or becoming too repetitive, yet Daniel keeps it interesting every section by adding different nuances.

Another great track that actually talks on the topic of depression and overcoming the obstacles that come with that is An Appeal to Emotion. It’s a bit more laid back, which adds a nice contrast to the heaviness that comes with the rest of the songs. My favorite songs happen to be at the front half of the record but honestly, the whole album is worth the listen. This is an album I found myself going through in one listen and never wanting it to end because I was so impressed by what they achieved. Great album by some great guys, Sea in the Sky is reinventing the genre.

Favorite Track: Neck Romancer

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