Review: Pervert release unrelenting new self-titled EP

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What is there to say about this California-based group named Pervert? Well, lots. This newest release, titled Pervert is an accurate depiction of what the band brings to every live performance. It’s chaotic, melodic, and uniquely its own

One of the coolest things about the group is the full dedication to a strong DIY ethic. The EP was recorded in their basement by the group, then sent to Matt Franklin for some mastering. Their packaging of recorded material is done by the band, and their vocalist DMT creates all of the visual art for the group. This dedication to doing things by yourself and creating art for the purpose of creating has become lost within a world of commercialization and commitment to old industry practices. With all of that in mind, and rather than trying to pick my favorite moments, I’ll be taking a look at the EP track-by-track.


This song is the perfect way for the band to introduce themselves to the world. Its lyrical message is clearly one of being against a capitalistic mentality and consumerism. It fuses together elements of electronic music with instrumentation that is just as powerful to supplement it. DMT is the sole vocalist in this song, ushering in a sort of unconventional spoken-word section that brings that political aspect to their music. As for the music itself, the band is as tight as can be, fading in flawlessly and reaching a peak in intensity before slowly fading away. I


As their intro song has this sustained sort of electronic section being held out, the next song Outnumbered introduces a funky drum groove as the bass drones. The guitar adds some contextual parts to the mix, layering onto the already expanding sound. This suddenly transitions into the hook in which both vocalists, DMT and Esquire Ali, yell at the top of their lungs “Outnumbered!” Flawlessly the group transitions into a verse section in which Esquire takes center stage. Drums and bass remain the backbone of the song as the guitar adds its own tasteful licks as a background element. Both vocalists do an exceptional job at keeping a steady flow while actually having something to say. In an industry which relies so heavily on creating the next hit, and not stirring the pot, I commend Pervert for talking about issues which matter, and staying true to themselves.


This song is my favorite for a number of reasons. The intro section where the guitar plays behind a steady drumbeat is iconic, to say the least. Once the bass enters it remains steady with that drum beat, being perfectly in time with the kick beats. My only complaint is I wish there were more moments like this one throughout the EP. Maybe that’s just the biased bass player in me. As well, DMT and Esquire pull off rather impressive verses that prove to be full of meaning while being skillful. I can’t help but love that hook “I said wassup wassup?”, which is perhaps one of the most memorable hooks on the EP. There’s no flash or glammer with this EP. Its intended purpose is to make you truly think and at some points to just get you moving.

Steal Our Skins(Interlude)

This is a very short interlude but in the context of the album, I love it as a sort of transition between two of my favorite songs on the EP.

Weight Of The World

That guitar lead that reoccurs throughout the song is so damn catchy, how could you not love this song? Both bass and drums are so in tune with each other, I love how the bass comes in just a hair after the guitar does. DMT provides are incredibly powerful and thought-provoking set of lyrics for this song, as he is the sole vocalist, with I assume Esquire doing some background vocals. This song releases the right amount of aggression while also being something that everyone can get down to at a house party.


I love that this song starts off with vocals as if it was heard in a live setting, quickly transitioning into a kick drum beat that’s infectious. This is one of the heavier songs on the album and a hidden gem. While both DMT’s and Esquire’s parts are stylistically amazing, I admire the instrumentation on this song the most out of all the songs. The guitar, bass, and drums get to really show off during the bridge especially.

Ten Pound Baby (Outro)

In the context of the album, I love this track. Hell, even separately I love this track for what it is. It contains more of the electronic aspect of the band, yet is definitely a song that fits in with the rest of the EP. Whether you listen on shuffle or in the context of the album, you’ll get down with it.

You can find their full EP down below, and be sure to follow them on all of their socials!



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