Review: Citysick expand on their sound with newest EP

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Citysick are an emo-rock band based out of Chico, CA. Get Better is their 2nd release and it expands on that initial sound with a bit more drive to it and upbeat instrumentals. It retains the same straight-forward lyrical style that was apparent on their first release titled Thanks For Trying. Now let’s dig into to the 5 song EP.

Moving Season starts it off, with the beginning starting with their guitarist David Hollenbeck on guitar and vocals with other guitarist/vocalist Kaleb Sievers syncopating with him on guitar. Some of my parts come during the chorus when they keep doing the sudden breaks. The addition of the acoustic guitar was a good decision, adding something else to captivate the listener. Also allowing for a distinction between the different verses. On the bridge section, I wish there would have been more of a build-up into the guitar solo which appears just after it. Regardless, I still love what was achieved on this song.

Leaning starts off with some feedback from the guitarist while transitioning into a more upbeat sound from the band. Leads on this one aren’t complicated but I still love what they add to the song. Around the 40 second mark, the acoustic guitar enters in, and this makes for a perfect clapping section during a gig. I was happy to hear some harmonies added in, which was something I was really wanting to hear as soon as I heard the opening instrumental section. Bridge section on this song has some of the most killer harmonies, might actually be one of my favorite sections of the record.

Joyride was a song the band released prior to releasing Get Better, but this version is much more on the level as the other songs production-wise. I’ve known the band for awhile now and I’ve loved seeing the musicianship enhance, and this record is no different. Conner Lewis provides a solid backbeat on drums while giving us some of his own flavors to the mix. As well, the subtle exposed bass changes done by Curtis Loyless provide a bass player like me something to keep me listening till the very end.

Hurricane is a song I instantly fell in love with. It’s so honest and emotional that I can actually see the things their singer Kaleb is singing about. The beginning vocal section gives hints of some of the bands’ influences, particularly the Wonder Years. Instrumentally, I love when the whole band comes in because it just hits you right away. Adding the bridge section vocals by Kelly Corfield was also another great choice. All of these subtle additions bring some diversity to the tracks, which never get stale or played out.

Cut Short is the last song on the record, which was a very smart move. In other songs the acoustic guitar only appeared once or twice maybe, but this one utilizes it much more. Hearing this song in a different structure was also really interesting. Also, if you didn’t fall in love with this record after hearing those harmonies at the end then you have no soul.

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