Review: Circa Survive release phenomenal new album, “The Amulet”

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This being Circa Survive’s 6th studio album, there isn’t much territory they haven’t covered as a band. Fortunately, they always manage to release something that sounds like the classic Circa but with some different influences mixed in. The Amulet is no different, it has some amazing vocal performances by Anthony Green, combined with complex yet tasteful instrumentation by the rest of the band.

The album starts off with the track Lustration, one that sounds like the classic Circa we’ve known. First thirty seconds of it were a good intro to the song as well as the album, then the drums, bass, and guitar come in to keep it moving forward. My favorite part of the song is probably the bridge because of the crunchy bass, and the catchy guitar riff that keeps playing. Anthony is spot on, as usual, letting the instruments have their times to shine while still staying being at the front when appropriate.

Never Tell A Soul starts off with the distorted guitar strumming on one note, which is a bit different from what they usually start off at. When the chorus hits we get that classic scream from Anthony that we all know and love. My absolute favorite part in the song, and probably album is the post-chorus/verse which has the bass chugging along with the drums, while Anthony screams in the back of the mix. Then transitioning to a section where the vocals are held out a bit more, and allowed to add more to the bands sound because it blends so well with the guitars.

Premonition of the Hex is another great song on the album, but I think Tunnel Vision may have it beat just a bit because of Anthony’s vocal performance at the very end. The melody from that part got stuck in my head more than most of the other melodies that he does throughout the album. So far the album sounds like a very matured Circa, while still sticking to their roots and delivering notable performances in each and every song.

Rites Of Investiture is one song I want to mention because of how much I love the intro to it. This is probably one of the heavier songs on the album, with a fuzzed out bass and guitar work that is spot on. It’s always changing what you think is about to happen, which is something I think Circa is terrific at doing consistently. Being that this is the band’s first album released through Hopeless Records, I’m sure that has a lot to do with the direction they were going for.

Flesh And Bone is a great segway into the last song, which happens to have the same name as the album. The Amulet is a song that requires a bit more attention because there’s a lot going on. I think by doing this, Flesh and Bone acts like a nice relief before they hit you with soaring vocals and impressive guitar licks. The bridge of The Amulet the great climax of the song, and also encapsulates what I think represents the album best. Guitar and bass complement each other incredibly well during the whole end of the song. All to end out of nowhere, which Circa is somewhat notorious for.

Overall the whole album is phenomenal, and while I failed to mention some great songs I just wanted to give a highlight of what songs stood on out on my first couple of listens. I highly suggest picking up the album, it’s definitely contending to be one of my favorite Circa albums.


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