Rebel Rock Festival Cancelled Hours Before Gates open

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In an official statement VIA Facebook the promoters of the South Florida music festival Rebel Rock have cancelled the event, stating the week’s weather have made the grounds “Unsafe”. Read the official statement below.

We are deeply and utterly devastated to announce the cancellation of this weekend’s Rebel Rock Festival.

After this week’s severe weather and despite our crew’s effort to improve the ground conditions around the Main Stage over the last three days, our venue partner has deemed the area unfit for artists, crews, vendors, and fans. We were able to get in the Taco Metal Party on Thursday by using the B-Main grounds while continuing to work on the conditions of the Main Stage grounds. The amount of water dropped this week simply proved to be too much to clear to provide you a safe festival environment and experience. We can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to see two years of work be tackled by mother nature. We’ll share more information about refunds as soon as possible.
-Rebel Rock

Rebel Rock Via Facebook
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