R&B/Soul artist Jonny Lemons releases his newest single “Coastal”

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Coastal is the newest song from the R&B/Soul artist known as Jonny Lemons. This is not his first release, the first being in January of last year. With time, however, Jonny has grown a bit and worked on his craft to now present something more refined. I personally heard about Jonny in August with his release of Stay Alive, another great glimpse into the artist’s mind. That song along with this one has made it clear that Jonny is only getting started with his music career.

You can check out Coastal right below!

It’s not very often that you discover a relatively underground pop artist who is doing things with more or less a DIY mentality. When Jon hit me up I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard, not being very fluent in the pop music scene whatsoever. Most of my articles are of heavier bands, with the occasional pop or rap artist sparking my interest, Jonny being one of those individuals. Jonny also got help from his friend Ryan Daminson in making the beat, while Jonny wrote all of the lyrics/melodies for the song.

He blends both pop and R&B influences to create his own sort of sound, the vocals being the primary focus of the piece. It’s catchy, somewhat repetitive, but makes up for that repetitiveness with a very much anthemic chorus. The music video is incredibly simple. It features Jonny on a date with a girl, yet still stays tasteful and shows some iconic landmarks like the Santa Monica Pier. While it is not elaborate, it represents the music in a good light.


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SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ZQA0
SOUNDCLOUD: soundcloud.com/jonnylemons
MERCH: jonnylemons.bigcartel.com

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