PVRIS Drop New Music Video

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For those who don’t know the band Pvris, an electropop/rock band from Massachusetts reaching almost 350,000 views of their new music video “What’s Wrong” within just two days of uploading. Pvris came out with their new music video; What’s Wrong on June 13 under Rise Records. Like most of their music videos done before they do this one in black and white as well. The video starts with blindfolded people sitting at a table with each other talking among themselves. Then, vocalist, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen comes in and sits at the table. They all direct their attention to her. Next scene shows all three members are sitting in a chair surrounded by the blinded people. The video shows some choreographed dances throughout the song. Mostly taking upon the members in the chairs. Although the video might seem weird I believe that it goes with the song because of the words. The words talk about not wanting to be seen so the blindfolds are applied. The song itself has an upbeat feel to it and is catchy.

Pvris has an upcoming album being released on August 4th through Rise Records. That album will be called ” All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell”. Which include the songs; “Heaven” and “What’s Wrong”. So be on the lookout for that to be in store or available for streaming then.

They are also playing shows throughout the world in the upcoming months. The downside to that is there is only a few dates in the US as of right now. As a plus for Pvris’ fans that live or around Charlotte they will be playing October 8th at The Fillmore.

Check out their newest music video down below. It was directed by Raúl Gonzo and Lyndsey Gunnulfsen



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