All-Access Episode #4: Kevin Max (DC Talk/Kevin Max)

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Kevin Max joins Trenton on this episode which comes to be from a shot in the dark. After a curious email was sent, we found that he was down to chat with Trenton on the phone and it certainly did not let us down. Many know Kevin for his work in the ground-breaking band DC Talk who’s hit ‘Jesus Freak’ sent them into mainstream play including on MTV.

So where did that all begin? That is where we start off as we get to go on a journey from the early years of the band forming at Liberty University, the Christian industry, and Kevin Max’s forthcoming solo record, ‘AWOL’, which is being crowdfunded on pledge music. Something else we get into as well about the new record is that though he retains his Christian faith, he is not a ‘Christian artist’. This is interesting to hear due to how well he was known for DC Talk and a stint in Audio Adrenaline but is something that can hurt an artist with having that label on them.

If you want to check out the new record campaign, click HERE to support it. The record features some star-studded contributors playing on it including members from The Smiths, Passenger, and more!


All-Access Episode #4: Kevin Max (DC Talk/Kevin Max)
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