All-Access Episode 1: Tim Mctague (Underoath/Carrollhood)

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Earlier this year, we were able to sit down with and talk to Tim Mctague. For those who don’t know, Tim has been a key member of Underoath for many years as the guitarist and has also been with his side project Carrollhood. Carrollhood released their self-titled EP this year which was a major talking point in this interview. Tim Mctague is a guru at time management as well and we learned a ton from him in this conversation.

This was also before Underoath made their major announcement for ‘Erase Me’ being released April 6th and their signing to Fearless Records. While this conversation is amazing, the Underoath talking points are at a minimum. Underoath has also since announced the ‘No Fix’ tour starting up this Spring as well in support of the album. We didn’t get to chat about Carrollhood’s lyrics either. That’s noted because it is a very explicit EP in that regard and Underoath caught backlash from dropping the ‘f bomb’ on their new single.


All-Access Episode 1: Tim Mctague (Underoath/Carrollhood)
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