Podcast Episode #54: Ryan Morgan Of Misery Signals

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Trenton got to chat with Ryan Morgan of Misery Signals about tons of stuff. The band released a documentary on June 30 titled ‘Yesterday Was Everything’ about the band’s history, current state, and possible future. The documentary followed Misery Signals on their ten year tour with original frontman Jesse Zarasta to perform on the tour.

Built On Tragedy

The documentary as pointed out in the interview has a somber and gloomy vibe to it, which we pressed about being due to the origins of the band. The band formed from two other bands, one of which suffered a tragic accident on tour killing some of it’s members. This is referenced in the song ‘The Year Summer Ended In June‘ on their debut. It got deep when we asked if Misery Signals or if Morgan can personally enjoy their success and what they have done knowing they circumstances that formed it, basically being thankful for the band yet it formed due to tragedy.

Letting Out The Truth

Throughout the interview we touch on parts in the film where the band seems to be bringing up past wounds on camera. True feelings and even past grudges are brought up in the candid interviews, so we wondered if the band knew what was being said or if it was all fresh when they saw the end product.

Misery Signals + Jesse= New Album?

We asked a major question about their relationship with Jesses being back as far as the future goes. It seems that a new Misery Signals record WITH Jesse on vocals could very very much happen. Morgan seemed optimistic about that when brought up as you can hear if you listen to the podcast. Misery Signals is very much alive it seems and we are super excited about it and the band’s future!

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