A Playlist For Every Year Of The Decade, Curated By Scott Waldman

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Scott Waldman is back this week with an awesome curated series of the last few years that have a playlist for each year thus far in this decade! We will link them below and say a bit about each one he has curated! On that note, we at Soundlink Magazine are also curating a new one for upcoming artists so be on the look out for that! Which playlist here is your favorite?

Playlists by Scott Waldman
Words by Trenton Worsham


My goodness! The nostalgia, the feels, everything! You won’t see Hellogoodbye and A Day To Remember in the same modern setting so this is a treat in itself, back when the innocence of the bands we all love now still existed. This playlist absolutely has it all here.


I am loving this! I haven’t heard I Am Avalanche in YEARS! Not to mention The Swellers and Falling In Reverse back when Ronnie Radke was fresh out of prison. During this time, Sleeping With Sirens was still on the come up and no one really knew of them after releasing their second record ‘Let’s Cheers To This’. Also D.R.U.G.S and Yellowcard, RIP and sad reacts.


We have now entered the realm in which more of the familiar faces out there began to emerge. The Story So Far, Set It Off, and Crown The Empire were fetuses compared to now so revisiting those days that seemed like yesterday is a fun thing. 2012 is when the world we see now began to become front and center in the scene. Also The Used and Anti-Flag, classic acts still showing off why they have lasted so long!


2013 is a colliding of different worlds! Jimmy Eat World and State Champs in the same mix, letlive. and Bring Me The Horizon breaking through and Senses Fail and Fall Out Boy still holding the throne. If 2012 was the year of emerging of what we see now, 2013 was the year the collision of the old with the new, a shifting of powers to who is coming up and who is coming down from holding the reigns.


2014 was sad because we had to say goodbye to the great Anberlin. Nothing in that genre will come close to touching their 2007 record ‘Cities’, which has held up for ten years. We also welcome in the now popular act Beartooth which saw Caleb Shomo switch it up after the disbanding of Attack Attack! in 2013. Their last album ‘This Means War’ was a foreshadowing of what Beartooth would bring later. Issues also became a prominent name as Every Time I Die was still wrecking venues and taking names.


Here we are. What has been building through the last few years have all arrived to the spotlight. Here in 2015 we see those on the rise with the bands who have been around for a long time now take their spot in the limelight. Sleeping With Sirens, The Story So Far, State Champs, among others are front and center while legacy acts such as Four Year Strong and Silverstein continue to pound out good tunes. Note, All Time Low has been in nearly every one of these. Those dudes know what it takes and have proved it over these years.


2016 is the year in which what happened in 2012 is happening again. The bands who were coming up then are now on top, and we see the next crop coming in to make their names known. Too Close To Touch and Waterparks along with Microwave start to make their impressions and packing out venues. However, Sum 41, NOFX, Simple Plan, and Yellowcard (RIP) still show everyone they know best when it comes to punk rock. Now it is 2017, who is going to come up next? Who will take the crown away?

We want to thank Scott Waldman again for making these and unintentionally showing the pattern of bands that come and go.

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