Phantogram Shadows Over Baltimore

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     As we leave 2016 behind and cross the line into 2017, I’m feeling adventurous and wanted to cover something outside of my normal genre of rock & metal. As a native of the Washington, D.C. area, I constantly find myself listening to DC101 when I’m not at home, and lately I’ve heard this really catchy song called “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” by a band called Phantogram. Naturally I looked up their tour dates and saw that they had a stop a couple nights ago at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore, Maryland. Had to go.
If you look up the word intimate, some definitions you may come across are “private”, “personal”, and closely acquainted”. The capacity of Rams Head Live is 1,500, and while that may not seem “intimate” among yourself and 1,499 other people (or a few less as it fell a few tickets short of a sellout), but it’s the first word I’d use to describe Phantogram’s performance. Maybe a bit haunted, too. Among a sea of strobes in a pitch black room, Sarah and Josh took the stage to “Funeral Pyre” before playing for around an hour & ending the night with their hit “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore”.

Phantogram recently released “Three” their 3rd studio album through Republic records on October 7th.

Phantogram is:
Sarah Barthel
Josh Carter

Funeral Pyre
Black Out Days
Turning Into Stone
Don’t Move
You’re Mine
Same Old Blues
Mouthful of Diamonds
Howling at the Moon
Bad Dreams
When I’m Small
Barking Dog
Cruel World
Fall in Love
You Don’t Get Me High Anymore

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