Fans Ask What Happened With Oli Sykes’ And Linkin Park’s Performance

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UPDATED: Oli takes to twitter, to talk about the audio issues.



Last night was the night of remembrance we have been looking to after Chester Bennington’s tragic passing. Linkin Park organized a sold out show in his memory at the Hollywood Bowl in California which featured a plethora of guests singing Bennington’s parts. Features from Ryan Rey of Yellowcard, Taka from One Ok Rock, System Of A Down, and many more took the stage to honor someone who has influenced their careers, and became a friend.

One feature however has fans scratching their heads as to what happened. Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes came on to perform the Linkin Park’s smash hit ‘Crawling’, which he nailed. Or did he? During the live broadcast it was obvious something wasn’t right. Pulling the mic away to have a sing along yet Syke’s vocals still pumped through. Immediately people began to question the validity of the performance, assuming he was lip syncing to a backtrack.

A closer look and examination of the audio and some internet investigating proves this to be false. Oli Sykes DID in fact perform live. Watch the video below of the performance to see if you can figure out how we can prove this!

Did you catch it? Very faintly you can hear him at times when there is no main audio being heard. What apparently has happened is whoever was manning the board that night played the rehearsal track that was recorded instead of the real time live performance. Why and how this happened is yet to be known as of press time, but having to explain to many fans who think it was all fake is a task in itself.

More digging found live videos from the show itself which can also prove that the performance was like and Oli wasn’t pulling a fast one on everyone. Watch the video with live audio that was fan recorded to hear the difference. What is insane is that, as of now, we can say everything else heard was not on a playback. So why this happened to Oli, again, we don’t know.

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