Review: Oh, Weatherly get signed to Hopeless and release new EP!

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It’s been a little over a week since the Dallas-based band Oh, Weatherly announced that they have signed with Hopeless Records. Oh, Weatherly was previously signed to We Are Triumphant Records which is owned by Greg Long. Long will continue to manage while they continue their journey at their new label.

On signing with Hopeless Records, vocalist Blake Roses says:

“We’re so humbled to announce our partnership with Hopeless Records. This will mark a new beginning for Oh, Weatherly as we strive to spread our love and passion for music. We’re very excited for the future and even more excited for the present and we owe the biggest of thanks to everyone who has supported us thus far. Cheers

With that news, they also dropped their brand new EP titled Make You Bright which is filled with plenty of memorable lyrics that are also catchy. 
The first track “When I’m Feeling Down” sounds like it has a big Mayday Parade influence but a little bit more pop punk perhaps. Their singer Blake Rose doesn’t have that typical pop punk voice which makes it a little more refreshing. Chorus are made bigger by the vocals, and the piano is also a nice instrument to add besides the typical bass, drums, and guitars. 

The new song, which also has a music video for, happens to share the name of the EP. “Make You Bright” is a great choice for the single, it’s catchy and simple yet powerful at the same time. It does follow a fairly typical repetition of parts, but it does change up with the post-chorus section that transitions into the vocals only section of the last chorus. It’s not overbearing because the production is great and you find different elements to focus on throughout the song.

“Say You’re My Friend” has lots of sudden stops in the guitars, and expose vocals. The piano section around the 2 minute mark is one of my favorite parts, along with the section right after. Vocals are held out and exposed during the last part, then suddenly transitioning into a guitar solo of sorts. Half time section to close out the song was a good choice, along with the sudden ending.

The last 2 songs, “Six Feet” and “One For Me” are great songs too, with “One For Me” being my favorite of the 2 because it starts differently than any of the songs on the EP. Background vocals add nice support for Blake’s vocals to sound even bigger than they already are. The lyrics are a bit cliché at times, which is the only thing I wasn’t entirely excited about, but instrumentation definitely makes up for any downfalls.

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