WATCH: Of Mice And Men Got Deep With Us!

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This weekend proved to be amazing for us to talk to so many amazing bands both new and old. We spoke with bands who influenced some bands we love now and have influenced newer unsigned bands, it was surreal! The first band on the list to put out there is this amazing conversation we had with Tino and Aaron of Of Mice And Men, in which they went into some stuff that hasn’t been talked about yet by anyone. We have the cliff notes version typed out along with the video below.

Band Sponsor: Runner Up

For these, we have had partnered up with some up and coming bands to have their music shared for a bit before the interviews roll. This one is sponsored by South Carolina band Runner Up.
About: “We are Runner Up, a Pop-Punk/Post-Hardcore band from Columbia, SC.  The main reason we make music is beyond our love of it, it’s our love for others.  We write lyrics to help people that struggle with different issues in their life, such as anxiety, depression, ADD, Insomnia, feelings of worthlessness, and thoughts of suicide.  These are some of the issues that a lot of people, including some of our band members battle on a daily basis, and it sometimes goes unspoken. If you’re struggling, you’re not alone. Things do get better.”

Having A Massive Crowd Watch/Bassist Frontman

The interview begins with them talking about the fans watching them and many of them too. It was an insane set with high energy and one of the craziest shows in 2017 for the band.

We talk to them about how there wasn’t a true frontman, how Aaron is a bassist and vocalist at the same time. He mentions they decided at one point they made a choice to continue, which means they might have broken up after Austin exited the band. They went into their practice space and jammed out songs new and old, and decided just the four of them to continue. It opened a can of worms about how much this means to the band, and how they will fight and continue on, watch to hear it all! Of Mice And Men isn’t done by any means!

Of Mice And Men

Photo: Getty

“It Needs To Be Real And Genuine”- Aaron Pauley

New Single ‘Unbreakable’/New Songs!

When asked about the song, the band mentions they have more than an album’s worth of material since Austin left, and won’t stop writing. These shows and seeing fans are an inspiration for them and it makes them write on the road. They go on to say they will continue on in the best way they do and even thanked us for talking to them.

Pushing A New Record With Hype Around Lineup Change/New Song

We asked with all the focus on the new single and lineup changes, how they will give ‘Cold World’ justice. Pauley goes into those songs being important and how dark it is lyrically. He says the record will have it’s day to be known whether it’s now or later, not just sales speaking either. They just want to deliver the songs to the fans more so than the band name, brand, band size, etc.

Of Mice And Men

Photo via Twitter

“This (band) Is Our Literal Life…

…All We Have Is To Share Our Music”-Valentino (Tino) Arteaga


The band closes with us saying thanks for their time and them also very humbly thanking us as well. That meant a ton because they didn’t HAVE to do this with us, but they did and enjoyed it and it turned into an amazing conversation.

Keep an eye out for our other interviews coming soon throughout the spring into the summer from the festival! Don’t forget to check out our sponsor band Runner Up!

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