Being As An Ocean: ‘Equal Vision Has The Album’

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In a weird set of events, fans have become impatient and disappointed as to why Being As An Ocean’s debut record for their new home at Equal Vision isn’t out yet. The record was to drop this past Friday and to many who may or may not have been shocked, it wasn’t to be found.

People have noticed also the poor promotion for the album, as little to none from the label and it has seemed to be all word of mouth. Being As An Ocean fans have been taking to twitter to ask the band where the album is at and back before the release, we seem to have gotten an answer from the Being As An Ocean Camp before this past Friday when it was supposed to drop.

“Please direct all tweets about release date to ; they have the finished album ?

Fans began replying to the post saying they have tweeted at the label also and still nothing as to what is taking so long. Some fans have noticed that no pre-orders were up either for the album which for a band in 2017, first week sales and pre-orders are literally everything and set the tone for the album cycle in terms of tours they get. Being As An Ocean also don’t seem like the band to coordinate some weird marketing scheme, maybe this is that though. It just doesn’t seem to be as there has been complete silence.

Back in May, they teased this photo for the record which is called “Waiting For Morning To Come” of the songs:

Speaking of songs, there have only been two released for this record as well. You can check those out below too. It is so weird though how long these have been out, yet nothing. No one is saying anything. So as the band said, check with the label as to what is happening here.

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