New Label, New Members Spoken does it again with “Breathe Again”

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07ee12_d941029b167e43699e48a4576a624c5cBand: Spoken
Album: Breathe Again
Release Date: 12/11/15
By Joshua Lowe
For a band that has band been around for almost 20 years you would think that would soon run out of things to say. This is not the case with the guys in Spoken. With new members and new label, Spoken has showed fans why they’re still here 20 years later with “Breathe Again”.  This album is nothing short of amazing. Kicking off the album with “Walking in My Dreams” this album will have you banging your head from the start.  Straight off the bat guitarist Scoop Roberts will catch your ear’s with his guitar riffs. If that doesn’t do it for you, I’m sure you’ll find yourself drumming along with Isaiah Perez through out the track. The album contiunes with “Beyond the Stars” with is just as hard hitting as the previous track, with that signature guitar sound and Matt’s uniquie vocal. Now I won’t bore you with a full track by track review of this album, however I will tell you this weather you’re a new fan of Spoken or a vetern who’s followed them since the late 90’s, you will love this album. This album starts our hard and continues all the way through to the track “Hold On”. The band wraps up the album with a rock ballad “Take My Breath Away” which works for this album. Spoken is a band that is no Stranger to showing their softer side on an album and it’s no different is their latest release “Breathe Again.” Spoken is a band that continiues to develope their sound on each album. This album still has that classic Spoken sound from the early days, however you can hear how the band has evolved over the years
In conclusion “Breathe Again” is as close to perfect as you can get when putting out an album. This is the band’s first release on Artery Recordings, which is the home of some amazing artists, and I see great things in the furture for Spoken with their new partnership. Check out the video below for their latest single “Falling Apart”, and more importantly get this album when it’s released on December 11.


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