NEW Interview With Alex Koehler of Chelsea Grin

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On their recent stop in North Carolina, I caught up with the band Chelsea Grin. We discussed many things ranging from the tour’s diverse lineup to the deathcore genre and even a Disney song they’d hypothetically cover. So check it out below!

SL: What have the first two stops on this tour been like compared to previous tours?

AK: On this stop, our first show didn’t actually happen because the first bus we had broken down just outside of Utah. This was a first, we’ve never not made it to the first show on our tour. That really sucked and I feel really bad for the people of Spokane, but if you’re watching this, we’ll be back soon. Other than that this tour has been great and all of the bands on the package have been really great.

SL: Speaking of the bands on this tour, what was the process that went into putting together such a diverse line-up and what do you hope it accomplishes?

AK: We always try to do a diverse package, you know, I’ve never really been a fan of having all one genre on a show because chances are that if we did a tour with all heavy bands, we wouldn’t really make that many new fans. Having a diverse line-up gives you the opportunity to play in front of new faces, make new friends, and puts the other bands in front of new faces. It just brings in a different crowd, I guess.

SL: With Self-Inflicted, what was the process of putting it together compared to your previous albums and what did you hope would come from it?

AK: With Self-Inflicted, as cliche, as it sounds, we kind of just wanted to go back to our roots. The album we did before that, Ashes to Ashes, and the EP we released were out experimental years where we really wanted to push our boundaries as musicians and experiment with different things, whereas with this album, we just wanted to go back to the basics.

SL: With you mentioning experimenting with sounds, what are your thoughts on new deathcore album releases from Whitechapel and Suicide Silence and how it effects the genre?

AK: I honestly think that as a musician you’re always going to want to push yourself to new limits, so bands changing, I feel that it’s natural if you’re a true musician. You want to really push yourself and broaden your talent and your horizon, so you have to try to change things up and add new elements to see how far you can really take yourself. And, I understand sometimes fans don’t really appreciate that, but from a musician’s standpoint, I respect that a lot.

SL: Speaking of fans responses, did you receive the feedback from fans that you were expecting when you changed your sound?

AK: Of course there are always the trolls who are like, “Oh this is just singing, blah, blah,” but there were a lot of people that really liked it. I enjoyed doing it so anyone who doesn’t like it can f**k themselves.

SL: Can we expect any more experimental music coming out from y’all?

AK: You know, I don’t know. We like the route that we went back to with being really aggressive and really heavy, but we have started working on a new album and who knows, there may be a song that I hear and want to try something different on, but as of right now we are going into the new record how we went into Self-Inflicted. We just want to stay Chelsea Grin and stay with what our fans listen to us for in the first place.

SL: Does the band have any exciting plans for this summer?

AK: Yeah, this is our only tour in the states for this year, so we will be overseas for the rest of the year. So, unless you live out in Europe or something like that, you’re probably not going to see us for the rest of the year.

SL: Just to end things off with a fun question, if Punk Goes Disney were an album, what song would we expect to see Chelsea Grin covering?

AK: A Whole New World. I feel like I could rock that.

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