INTERVIEW: Messenger Down Is A Name That Is ‘Here To Stay’

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Meet Messenger Down. The artist from the state of North Carolina has been killing it in the local areas and even the national stages for a few years now. The project has always been a solo project, which you can hear discussed below, but fronted on stage as a full band early on. After a few years it went to a project where the full band aspect was pulled away, Foster has always been the sole writer for the most part. That is insanely impressive because all the raw instrumentals to the programmed ones is all him. He is a composer. This interview opens up a window into his world and the many things he has going on, you won’t be forgetting his name anytime soon.

Though starting off with a heavier Post-Hardcore feel, the project has gone for more of a modern pop-rock flavor (Walk the Moon/Pvris/the 1975/Panic!At The Disco) with something that sounds like it should be next level. Messenger Down has a loyal and rabid following that grows every year and people will travel hours to see him play, which has garnered him a few trips on Warped Tour, shows with bands like State Champs, and a Facebook fan club that numbers in the thousands.

Image may contain: 1 person, outdoorHis most recent EP ‘Cheating Death’ is the perfect summer playlist that you should certainly go check out now! The EP takes on a shape of multiple different styles within the Pop/Rock realm which showcases Foster’s pallete of various talents. From the dark moody pop style of “Worst Apocalypse Ever” into the synth-driven “I’d Hate To Put Words Into Your Head, Lend Me Your Ears Instead” this EP never misses a beat and with have you singing along to the catchy lyrics and hooks while the vibes of the intricate wordplay on some of the other tracks will have you reeled in the whole time. His merch is also top notch looking as if you pulled off the shelf at Hot Topic!

Another thing is that he is very engaging with his fans on social media. Constantly providing updates and content to engage his following provides them direct access, something that pays off in the long run!

The link to his Facebook page is HERE so go check it out! Below are a few tracks off ‘Cheating Death’.


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