Meet Icaria. The Surprise Band We Didn’t Know We Needed.

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When you go to a national show and know there is a local band is opening, you get one of two thoughts. This will be very bad and horrible or they will be great! Very rare does the thought HOLY SH*T occur making you go buy their record right away. This band did. This band is called Icaria and Cardigan Records has a true gem amongst them.

Seeing them open up in Heaven at The Masquerade for Alesana was absolutely a treat. Getting signed to Cardigan happened because of the same awe we experienced. The band was playing for then Cardigan Records band To Speak Of Wolves in which label owner Shane Kelly scooped them up ASAP before anyone else.

Personally, if a blend of Circa Survive and Periphery ever existed it would be in Icaria. The band is based in Atlanta was formed when guitarist Ricky Free (Broadcast the Nightmare/Sumerian Records) and fellow musicians Marc Harris, Ben Harris, John Patton, and Josh Davis decided to set out to create a more diverse heavier sound. In September of 2015, the band stepped into the studio to record with renowned Engineer/Producer Jamie King (The Basement Recording) Winston-Salem, NC. The result is a dynamic, exciting, metal/rock album, for the lack of a better term, played by accomplished musicians. Each member wanted to write for the sake of the song and still have a sense of technicality while allowing the vocals to be the main focus point. The band spent majority of 2016 shopping the record to labels in search of the right partner to release the album. Vocalist Marc Harris explains, “ We were put into contact with Cardigan Records through a musician who was currently on the roster. We were fortunate enough for the owner, Shane Kelly to listen to our record and believe in our band enough to take a chance on us. For that, we are forever grateful.” (bio taken via the Icaria facebook page)

Check out Icaria’s music below!

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