Artist Spotlight: Meet Eternal Void; FFO: Erra/Wage War/Fit For A King

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In an era where finding new bands is hard, it is always a gem when a new one sticks out. The market, especially for metalcore, has been so oversaturated no one in any scene really sticks out anymore than a band thousands of miles away. This is mainly due to the internet providing access to bands and also alienating the concept of certain regions having their own sound or style. Orange County metalcore is now the same as Charlotte metalcore, so being original and taking risks are needed. So meet a band doing it, Eternal Void.

The band hails from Ohio and they are incorporating technical guitar passages, heavy breakdowns and soothing ambient transitions are just part of what makes Dayton, Ohio’s Eternal Void stand out. The band strives to perfectly combine their extraordinary music abilities with meaningful lyrics that are delivered through intense vocals.

In 2014, Eternal Void released “Catharsis” (Produced by Brian Hood of 456 Recordings), which showcased their musicianship and diversity. After seeing success at the local level and sharing the stage with bands like Fit For A King, Otep and Phinehas, the band hit the road on multiple headlining runs.

They were met with an overwhelming response, hard work and dedication was proving to be paying off. 2017 brought the release of their latest single, “Solipsist” (Produced by Nick Sampson of Metro 37 Studios). Giving fans a glimpse of what’s to expect from their upcoming album (mixed/mastered by Hood), the track has catapulted the band to a new level and is currently featured on one of the biggest Metalcore Spotify playlists. Eternal Void will release their sophomore album later this year and looks forward to extensively touring in support of the record.

This single packs a punch and has it’s own atmosphere amongst the heaviness, making them rise above and stick out when so many others just blend in. The reason bands like Erra or Invent Animate have a dedicated following it because their music is fresh, and they brand it in their own way and that is exactly what Eternal Void is doing.

Check out the song below!

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