Meegs of Coal Chamber talks current tour and latest release Rivals

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Meegs of Coal Chamber talks about the bands latest release Rivals Hey everyone, this is Terry from Southeast Pit Report and today we’re in Baltimore with Meegs from Coal Chamber. How are you today?

 Meegs (Guitarist) – I’m doing well, just getting prepared and tired from New York. You know, partying/New York. You have to.

 SPR – Coal Chamber is about to release their first full length in 13 years titled “Rivals”. Tell us a bit about that

 Meegs – Like you said, 13 years, a lot of hiatus, time to think, a lot of time to kinda reflect on your life. We re-kindled our friendship, we went into the studio with a brand new energy, like a new band. Literally it sounds like a new band coming out. We really focused on sounding raw, lyrically, musically, everything is very frantic, very emotional. You can hear it when it comes out, you’ll hear, it sounds like a new band to me. It sounds like Coal Chamber, but 2015. It doesn’t sound like a 90’s Coal Chamber.

 SPR – How does it feel to release new music after so long, as opposed to just putting out an album every few years. 

 Meegs – In our instance, in our scenario, we would have been doing a record every 2 years, but the break-up was really tumultuous, we needed that. We needed to take a break and reset our bodies. Me, Mike, we all needed to just, I needed to refocus on my own life. I was going through a lot of things back then, bad things, cliche things. So obviously, that 13 years was the best thing that ever happened to me. I would have probably been dead. It’s destructive. After 13 years, it feels good now, like we’re best friends again. 

 SPR – How have the fans been receptive to your first single “I.O.U. Nothing”?

 Meegs – It’s our 3rd song in our set. They’re very receptive, they love it. Some people have heard it for the first time and they say the love it, some people have heard it on satellite radio, on Octane, or liquid metal, love it. It’s tracking really well. 

 SPR – Any specific bands that you have to personally catch every night on this tour?

 Meegs – I always watch every band for a minute or two, check a song or two. I’m really loving Filter, they’ve been a band I’ve listened to for a long time since the 90’s. Combichrist is my favorite band right now, they’re a new band, they’re fun, entertaining. Great music. I see little snippets of everybody.

 SPE – What’s the weirdest thing a fan’s ever asked you to sign?

 Meegs – Besides the typical “sign my ass, tit, vagina, whatever”, the usual, someone had a cat, not a cat, but you know how you take it to a taxidermist? Yeah. “can you sign this?” Yeah, that’s fucking weird. Gross.

 SPE – Anything else you’d like to add about “Rivals” or like the fans to know?

 Meegs – I just wanna say that the whole record was made organically, in terms of all the sounds, all the production, raw pedals, me playing, no computer software was involved at all. No major editing, so it sounds like a live band on there. Mark Lewis our producer did a really good job and I really think people are gonna be in for a surprise.

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