Lynn Gunn; From Dating Kristen Stewart To Becoming A Role Model

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It was recently that I was scrolling through my personal Facebook feed and stumbled upon what this title says. I was scratching my head as to if this even happened and if so, how?! I began to dig some stuff up and indeed, the Twilight star and front-woman of Pvris, Lynn Gunn, did seem to have a relationship back in 2015. Of course, some of this could be made up and if so, then disregard everything in this section. However, many things have changed since then, including her band Pvris’ growth into a household name within the alternative scene. Soon, it’ll be a household name everywhere.

Lynn Gunn has been at the forefront and outspoken about her sexuality and coming to the defense of others for awhile now. Around this same time in 2015 is when she began to be open about it and hasn’t slowed down. Her words then are now someone she strived to be, someone for others to look up to. She never had role model that as she has said in the past, and with only ‘White Noise’ (2014) being out until later this year at their only album, she has gained a dedicated following of young girls.

This new album from Pvris called ‘All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell’ is out this August. The band has put out a single called ‘Heaven’ in which we find pain, passion, and brokenness as it sets the tone for what’s to come. I’m sure lost love and these struggles pertaining to her love life will be echoed on these songs, as she is one of the most passionate singers in the genre. This album has the potential to break the band through barriers no other band on Rise Records has broken through, I mean they already are heading out with 30 Seconds To Mars and Muse this summer which is HUGE!

Looking at the title, you might have thought this was a gossip piece or something to strike up drama. It is though, in turn to show how far a band has come, and how much of an influence one young lady has had on many people in such a short time. While I’m sure it was an interesting time seeing a big name like Stewart dating someone from our scene, but it is even more interesting how much Lynn Gunn and the rest of the band has grown since then.

Below is their latest single ‘Heaven’


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