Long Live Anberlin: The Final Show

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Anberlin The Final ShowAnberlin: The Final Tour – The Final Show
Orlando FL
By Haley Staack

         I personally anticipated this show more than anyone else I know. Since the 8th grade I’ve listened to Anberlin, and I am now 23. I’ve closely followed the band, been to my fair share of shows, and can honestly say they are not only my favorite band, but my favorite band to see live, as well.

Walking up to the line at The House of Blues in Orlando was interesting. What at first seemed like a decently small line, turned into a line that wrapped all the way around the building, and back behind many buildings beyond The House of Blues. Listening to other fans of Anberlin talking, some had traveled from Alabama just to see Anberlin’s final performance.
As 7:00 rolled around, the line started moving. Once in the venue, which was sold out by the way, I crammed my way down to the floor. You could feel the excitement in the room. People were soaking in every second.Opening the show was the band ’68. Anberlin had personally asked them if they wanted to play some of their final shows. They are amazing live, and really lightened the mood with their sense of humor.
With curtains closing after ’68 played, the excitement in the room built, and people were getting anxious. As the curtains finally opened, the members of Anberlin made their way out on the stage. The crowd roared, and so it began…
If you have never seen Anberlin live, you missed out. The energy that they put out is outstanding. They can captivate a whole room and keep you so entranced in their performance. That night, they took you back to Blueprints for the Black Market and played their way through every album up to their final one, Lowborn. The crowd was so amped up, that I was actually pushed to the front of the stage. Some fans made their way to the front to high five the band by crowd surfing! At one point, Stephen, the lead vocalist, came to tears while trying to thank everyone for all the years of support. I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the room after that. Having finished the set, they asked if they could play a few more songs. As Anberlin came to their final song, they left the stage, and as always, the crowd begged for “One more song! One more song!” They flooded the stage one final time and left everyone with their song (*Fin). The room filled with tears, again, and fans gave out their heart felt sing alongs one more time.
The heart wrenching moment came as all the guys just grabbed each other and hugged. They had done it. They gave 12 years of their lives to this band, and it all came down to that moment. A lot of heart and soul went into making the amazing music that they delivered from 2002 to 2014.

Anberlin Forever.


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