Local Spotlight: The Family Crest set to perform at Johansen High School in Modesto, CA

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Being that I am alumni to this high school, this article seemed only natural to create because I owe most of my musical interest to Johansen’s band program and their director Brad Hart. The Family Crest(TMC) is fairly well-known band, having toured all across the country. It just so happens that a little over a week after this show on November 18th, TMC will set out on short run with The Dear Hunter.

Below is an interview I did with my old teacher Brad Hart on how this whole show at Johansen was set up, what it entails, and where you can get your hands on some tickets.

How did we get connected?

“In 2015 the Johansen winter drum line picked music from the album Beneath the Brine by The Family Crest to use in competition. The band had quickly become a favorite of mine after seeing a video of them perform as part of the NPR Tiny Desk series. The students loved playing the show music and really did well with competing, winning their class that year. Somewhere around mid-season one of the staff members posted a short clip of our lead marimba player practicing the opening of the title track, originally played on cello. As it turns out, while on tour, the band saw the video they were tagged in and watched it. They apparently watched the clip many times and shared amongst themselves. Later in the season I sent them a video of the whole show and they loved it. In online dialogue, it was briefly mentioned that the band should come out to Modesto. In February of 2017 my wife and I went to a concert featuring The Family Crest in San Francisco and waited patiently in line to buy merchandise after the concert. When we got up to order I began talking to Laura, flute/piano/vocals, and she actually remembered the drum line show and the idea of coming out to Modesto. From then on, we began corresponding via email and eventually with their management company to get a concert date scheduled and setup. We decided to time it in late fall as they will prepare to go on tour with The Dear Hunter, as it turns out just 10 days after their concert in Modesto!”

How did the concert get scheduled?

“As a high school program, we are used to dealing with commissioning composers, doing concerts with feeder schools, attending and hosting festivals, and putting on our own events and concerts. This is not much like all those things. From contractual requirements to costs, and even in performance structure this concert functions nothing like a normal school concert. An easy example of this difference is that even at all ages venues for this kind of concert there is the ability to sell alcohol, but on a school campus there is no wiggle room. The other big example is the technological side of the production. School musicals are probably the most complex performances in regards to technology and this will have to be even more precise and advanced in quality due to the sheer volume being produced.”

What will the concert be like?

“This will be as close to a normal concert experience as possible for those used to going to “shows”. We are going to have food vendors to help serve and feed people. We have online ticket sales to ease in the accessibility. There are even two opening acts before the headlining group. We are blessed in Modesto to have a strong set of local musicians and are lucky to get Josh Rosenblum to bring out his band to open. It makes it even more significant that he is a product of our school district and so are the rest of his band. The jazz band will be playing a mixture of older and newer jazz standards that are designed to play more like a show than a sit-down jazz concert. WE are working on figuring out what tunes this will happen on, but the plan is to have Josh Rosenblum and members of The Family Crest perform with the jazz band. The Family Crest is the headline group and will be putting on a show similar to any other venue.”

Where to get tickets? How to support?

“Tickets are available for purchase by visiting www.JohansenMusic.org. There are links easily located there. The profit from this concert will go to help send the Johansen concert band to LA for the International Music Festival taking place in June of 2018. WE have a goal of selling 350 tickets. This is a possibly huge goal for a high school program in Modesto, but we know we are providing an experience that is unique and artistically sound!”

Flyer for November 18th concert

The Family Crest’s Tiny Desk Performance

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