Lacey Sturm is BACK with Life Screams

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After a short break from the music scene, former Flyleaf front woman Lacey Sturm has struck out on her own with debut solo album Life Screams. Sturm’s distinctive vocal stylings make this record fit in well with the releases of her past, yet it remains uniquely hers. It sounds like a Flyleaf album, but it definitely isn’t. Sturm slathers on a more mature, grown up perspective to the themes she sings about, and generously gives us a peek into her inner workings. There is a lot of emotional weight to this release, yet she manages to keep it from feeling like a therapy session.
The first single, Impossible, opens up with a ghostly wordless melody but immediately slams us into an off tempo, riff laden force and treats us to the only instance of Sturm’s screaming on the entire album. From there we move on to tracks that continue to hook us with something soft and unexpected before hitting us with crunchy guitars, snappy drums, and a beat you can move to. Throughout, the delicate balance of heavy instrumentals with a light sweet vocal track leaves the listener feeling grounded and uplifted at the same time.
We’ve all known for years that Sturm is a talented individual, and she showcases this talent seamlessly, bearing the weight of an entire album on her own shoulders with poise. There is definitely a place in the modern music scene for her work, and hopefully we will see more from her in music cycles to come.

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