KISS prepares for huge three-year world tour

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For those who are a part of the KISS Army, don’t put away your face paint just yet. Lead vocalist and bassist, Gene Simmons, recently announced that KISS is planning on having a huge three-year world tour. The tour will kickoff in January of 2019. Simmons stated to Expressen, a Swedish newspaper, that it would be “the most spectacular tour ever,” and that the glam metal veterans will be playing all continents.

Their most recent tour “Kissworld Tour” began in February of last year and will conclude this summer. This tour mostly takes place in Europe with a few stops in the United States. However back in 2016  KISS held a “Freedom to Rock Tour,” which brought in gross amount of $15.4 million, with 233,262 tickets sold. The goal of that tour was to play in smaller cities they hadn’t been at in a long time.

Back in February, Blabbermouth reported that KISS tried to trademark the phrase “The End of the Road.” Fans started questioning whether this upcoming tour was going to be it for good. In an interview with Australia’s News Corp, Simmons simply replied about the retirement rumors.

“Kiss Catalog [the company that filed ‘The End Of The Road’ application]is one of our companies, that’s true — but we trademark all sorts of things. I own [the phrase]‘Motion Pictures’ — I actually do.There’s always been talk, every tour, that this is the last time.”

Simmons as  added: “Let me put it bluntly: One day we are going to stop and do the last show. I don’t know when that is… I still look stunning in real life.”

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