Johnny Crowder of Prison (ex Dark Sermon) Gives Fans Free Album

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Johnny Crowder of Prison has been promoting his new band Prison after the split of Dark Sermon. They released a new record this past week that shot up the itunes rock charts fairly quickly. In an age where first week sales are crucial, an independent making a statement is key.

The Prison singer took to Facebook yesterday to make a unselfish offer. To give away the record for free. Crowder stated he knew people wanted to support and that times are tough, so if someone couldnt buy it he would send it to them. Read his post below:

“I’ve always wanted to do something like this, and now I can, thanks to the perks of being in an independent band. Our music doesn’t belong to some label, so we can choose what we do with it.

It’s 2017. Tons of people are down on their luck financially, and very few of us are in an economic position where we can just toss our money around however we please. This is why I’d like to do something special for our fans today.

If you are dying to own a digital copy of N.G.R.I. and you simply don’t have $5 in your pocket, comment on this link with your email address (or message me if you’d like some privacy) and I’ll personally send you a download code. You won’t owe us a single thing in return.

I had a lot of folks message me saying they wish they could support, but they didn’t have the money. So this is for you guys. I appreciate and love you.”

This proves that despite record sales being crucial, some artists truly just want their fans to have their music. Stream their record below to hear it!

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